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Cloudscapes are collections of clouds about a certain topic.

Title Introduction Clouds
S Chesney's OLDS MOOC space My journey 1
Saide OLDS MOOC 2013 Portfolio Collate Saide's OLDS MOOC designs and discussions 11
Saide Story Development OLDS MOOC In this space the Saide team participating in the OLDS MOOC will design a course for developing children's stories. 1
SAIF MOOC Collection for my MOOC clouds. 1
Sancha de Burca's OLDS-MOOC cloudscape A collection of items that might be useful for OLDS-MOOC 11
Santanu Vasant's OLDS MOOC Portfolio My portfolio for the OLDS MOOC 2013 1
Sarah Crofts OLDS MOOC Sarah-Crofts OLDS MOOC 1
Sarah Fielding OLDS MOOC Personal Workspace for the OLDS MOOC 0
Scamall Geal Helen's Cloudscape 14
Schema for design Different ways of thinking about learning and teaching ideas and designs 6
Scholarship Seminar Series 2014 3
Scholarship workshops - IET The aim of our workshops is to support excellence in learning and teaching through scholarship. 0
SCoPE Seminar: Blogging in Professional Networks SCoPE seminars are scheduled asynchronous discussions facilitated by volunteers in the community 1
SCORE Short Term Fellowship Residential Course A short course on how to create and use OER provided by SCORE 2
Scots Gaelic online This cloudscape tries to collate online resources for the teaching and learning of Scots Gaelic. 2
Scottish Learning Festival 2010 (SLF) Curriculum for Excellence: Enhancing Experiences, Raising Standards 1
SCU workshop 5-6th March 2012 9
Second Meeting of of academic and Educational developers in Melbourne University educational and academic developers, professional and academic development meetings 1
Seek and Deploy Cloudscape for Seek and Deply activity for week 6 of the OLDS MOOC 14
Seminar examining the use of evidence in learning and teaching practices with technology Findings a Higher Education Academy funded project synthesising evidence-informed practice 0
Seminar: Assessment 2.0: assessment in an interactive, participatory and distributed environment Seminar in IET, The Open University, UK 0
Seminar: Lifelong learning and workspaces Seminar 4 of ESRC-sponsored New Spaces for Learning 1
Shared Thinking whole group enquiry, representations of whole-group experience and network-based technologies 5
Sharing learning designs Attach learning design Clouds to this Cloudscape. 2
Sheila MacNeill's #oldsmooc cloudscape stuff I think my be useful 16
Shirley Atkinson's Cloudscape Shirley Atkinson's collection of clouds.... what else is there to say? 3
Shirley's OLDS MOOC Cloudscape Shirley's OLDS MOOC Cloudscape 4
Short-term Fellowship Courses - Presentations and Video Presentations and Videos from the SCORE Short-term Fellowship Courses 3
SI301: Wisdom of Crowds This is a cloudscape for WIsdom of Crowds 1
SI301@UMICH Winter 2010 - Social Computing This is a cloud for SI301 at the University of Michigan - Winter 2010 0
Siglinde's OLDS MOOC cloudscape centralisation of my cloudwork for OLDS MOOC 3
Signals of Success - collaboration after a MOOC Resources linked to post #oldsmooc collaborative activities 2
Simon Kear's OLDS MOOC Cloudscape 1
Simon Walker's MOOC portfolio My portolfio of work for the OLDS MOOC 1
Sixth International Blended Learning Conference A HEA-JISC-University of Hertfordshire event 47
Sixth International Conference APRENRED Topics: Serious Games, Immersive Worlds and Inclusive Media 0
Skills for the UK Digital Economy - delivering the IT professionals of the future Senior-level public policy keynote seminar organised by Westminster eForum 0
SLanguages 2010: Virtual Conference on Language Learning in Second Life Language learning and teaching in the virtual world of Second Life 1
SLanguages Conference 2010 A conference in Second Life for language teachers 1
Smu's OLDS-MOOC Cloudscape Container for coursework and materials 2
SNaP!ing PBL: design narratives and patterns of problem / project based learning A workshop at EC TEL 2013 0
Social Media: Educational Role? Does social media have a role to play in education? 17
Social Sciences Mobile Learning Day 0
SocialLearning cloudscape Linking resources connected with SocialLearn and social learning 10
Soft-Scholarship of and for Teaching 2
Software Engineering Education Conference Information on workshops and presentations from CSEET 2010, held at Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 7
Some interesting clouds 5
SoMobNet International Roundtable on “Social Mobile Networking for Informal Learning” Programme 14
Special issue of EURODL on OER and creativity 1
Spotlight on Open Educational Practices Spotlight debate: May-June 2010 8
Statutory Guidance: Impartial Careers Education How to deliver careers guidance in schools 1
STEEL: Sharing Technology Enhanced Employability Learning An HEA funded synthesis of evidence-based practice in technology to enhance employability and employee learning 7
Stefanie's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal This scape contains whatever I've created concerning OLDS MOOC 0
Stephen Bright: Online course design basics project Study Circle Cloudscape which will be the major design area for this project 2
Steven Verjans' personal cloudscape This is my personal cloud, where I can add the clouds that interest me. 3
Storyboards examples of storyboards for learning design 3
Student Cloudscape for OLDS MOOC Student Cloudscape for dschlilesser 0
Studentportalen Skovde Ett forum for att diskutera och utbyta erfarenehter kring ny studentportal for Hogskolan i Skovde 1
Study Group Cloudscape: Literature, Technology and Collaborative Reading and Writing 6
Stuff to do with REALISE Just a test cloud 1
Substitute IET Technology Coffee Morning: Location-based learning: education in the wild 1
Sunbursts: illuminating ideas for an innovative online learning and teaching environment Scoping and mapping a process for the redevelopment an existing university learning and teaching course 1
Sustainability Cloudscape 7
Sustaining and Embedding Innovations This Cloudscape is focused on how institutions can institutionally sustain and embed innovations in e.g. learning and teaching, 1
SWaNI JISC Learning and teaching Innovation Grants for Further Education in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland 3
Sylvia's OLDS MOOC portfolio My portfolio of work for the OLDS MOOC 1
Sympossium: Pedagogical planner summit & learning through inquiry Issues and challenges around learning design research 23