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The cloudscape OLDS MOOC project teams is a favourite of the following people

Niall Watts

University College Dublin

Chris Follows

University of the arts London

Penny Bentley

Self Employed Teacher

Jessie Chuang

Classroom Aid

Jane Challinor

Nottingham Trent University

Catherine El-Bez

University of Lausanne

Heather Peters

The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

Marcos Tenório

Universidade Aberta de Portugal

Luís Salema

Universidade Aberta

Laura Ramos

Universidade Aberta

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What does 'favourite' mean?

You can add Cloudscapes, Clouds and links that you have found useful or interesting as favourites. This facility serves a number of functions:

  • Lets you know what other people have found interesting
  • Acts as a way of marking things you have found interesting (things you have favourited will appear on your profile page)

You need to have a reputation of at least 5 on the site in order to be able to add favourites.

You can gain reputation by people marking your Clouds or Cloudscapes as favourites or by recommending links that you have added to Clouds.

How is 'favouriting' something different to 'following' it?

When you decide to follow a Cloud or Cloudscape you will receive cloudstream updates every time something new is added. This ensures that you don't miss any new additions or activity.

When you favourite a Cloud or Cloudscape you are indicating that you have found something interesting that you would like to flag up. It is possible to both follow and favourite a Cloud or Cloudscape.