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JISC Curriculum Design Cluster C

Shared space for Strathclyde, OU and Ulster projects

Cloudscape created by:

Gráinne Conole
21 April 2009

The Universities of Strathclyde and Ulster and the Open University all have projects as part of the current JISC Curriculum Design programme.  They have been grouped together into Cluster C. This cloudscape has been set up as a means of sharing ideas and discussions across the projects. Clouds might include examples of tools or resources the projects are producing. Discussions around particular challenges and issues, or evolving shared understandings on particular aspects of relevance to the projects. Suggested areas for joint collaboration included:

  • Work up/validating a 'curriculum design taxonomy'
  • Agree a set of principles mapped to good pedagogy
  • Brainstorm success criteria for what constitutes a 'good course'
  • Trial Curriculum Design representations and comparing (See the Curriculum Design representation Cloud for a starting discussions around this topic.

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