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CALRG 09 Conference

18th May 09, The Open University, UK

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Gráinne Conole
29 April 2009

The CALRG celebrated its' 30th Anniversary with a one day event on 18th May 2009. A series of presentations and seminars followed on the next two days.

There were presentations from past and presentmembers, including Professor Ann Blandford, University College London,Professor Diana Laurillard, The Institute of Education, Professor TimO’Shea, University of Edinburgh, Professor Mike Sharples, University ofNottingham  and Professor Claire O'Malley, University of Nottingham.

The talks were all short and aimed to illustrate what CALRG members were interested in when they started working in the group and what they are doing now. Over an extended lunch period, the CALRG showcased some of its' existing projects with interactive posters in the Nexus.

Programme for day one talks is here.

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