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JISC Open Educational Resources Start Up Meeting

Initial meeting for JISC OER projects and support activities 9th June 2009

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Patrick McAndrew
8 June 2009

Meeting to kick off the JISC OER projects that have been funded in 2009 taking place in London at the Congress Centre.


Time Activity Location Lead
10.00 Coffee/Registration Foyer Alicja Nieborak
10.30 Welcome & Introduction to the Programme
  • Overview of the day (timings etc.)
  • Overview of the programme

To include:

    • Who has been funded / project spread etc.
    • Main aims of the programme
    • Future of the programme – beyond the pilot
Council Chamber David Kernohan/

Tish Roberts 

10.45 OER Programme Support
  • Overview (15 mins)
  • What support is available (services/events)
  • budget
  • What can be expected from the support team
  • Who to contact
Council Chamber David Kernohan
11.00 IPR / Legal (40 mins) Council Chamber Jason Miles-Campbell and JISC legal team
11.40 Coffee Break Foyer  
11.55 JORUM (45mins)

Technical (20mins)

Council Chamber Nicola Siminson, Laura Shaw

Phil Barker

1.00 Lunch Foyer  
1.45 Project Management

Reporting requirements, programme events. (15-20)

Evaluation and Synthesis project (15-20)

Council Chamber  
Heather Williamson

Helen Beetham and team

2.15 Strand Meetings
  • Subject
  • Institutional
  • Individual
Invision 4

Room 3

Room 2

Julie Anderson

Heather Williamson

Sharon Waller

3.00 OER – sharing what we learn

OU-supported communities

OER Infokit

Council Chamber  
Patrick McAndrew (OU)

John Burke

3.30 Review of the day Council Chamber David Kernohan
3.50 Official Meeting close
Room available until 5pm for further cross-strand discussions

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