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DesignBash 2009

8 July 2009
Milton Keynes

Hosted by the LAMS foundation and JISC CETIS on 8th July 2009 at the Open University, Milton Keynes

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19 June 2009

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Following on from the last DesignBash held in 2007, JISC CETIS will be holding a similar event as part of the 2009 European LAMS & Learning Design Conference on Wednesday 8th July 2009 at the Open University, Milton Keynes.

This hands-on event is open to anyone with an interest in fostering interoperability with regard to creating, running, and sharing learning designs and will provide participants with the opportunity to test their tools and designs with a number of different systems.


The event will start at 10:00 and end at 16:00. As the day is a practical event, the agenda is fairly simple. There’ll be an introduction to the event at the start and a discussion around your findings at the end. Otherwise, the rest of the day will focus on three main categories of activity:

  • System interoperability – looking at how the import and export of designs between systems can be facilitated;
  • Sharing of designs – ascertaining the most effective way to export and share designs between systems;
  • Describing designs – discovering the most useful representations of designs or patterns and whether they can be translated into runnable versions.

Designs will be tested with LAMS, ReCourse, and with any other systems that you may want bring along.

10:00-10:30 Introduction to the Day and Round Robin - Sheila MacNeill, JISC CETIS and James Dalziel, Macquarie University
10:30-12:30 Hands-on: Sharing Designs and Overview of Systems
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13.30-14:45 Hands-on: Sharing Designs and Daisy Chaining
14:45-15:00 Tea/Coffee
15:00-16.00 Feedback and Discussion of Outcomes.

Upload a Learning Design

You can upload your learning designs by creating a new cloud (you'll need to register and create a log-in if you haven't already done so) for each of your designs.

Please note that currently Cloudworks doesn't allow file uploads, so you will need to link to a URL, from where other participants can download your learning design. If it isn't possible to set up a link to your learning design, then bring it along on a USB/thumb drive or CD/DVD, so it can be shared manually. In any case, do please set up a new cloud for your learning design and instead of including a URL, just state what medium (USB drive/CD etc) you are using.

It would help if you could include the following information on your cloud for each learning design upload:
Title of Learning Design:
Short Description (optional):
Created using:
URL of Learning Design (or USB/CD/DVD):

Cloudworks automatically allows comments to be made, so as you share your learning designs and systems, please make any comments about successes, failures, issues, bugs, things you really like, etc.

Useful Links

LAMS Community - contains a repository of shared LAMS sequences.
ReCourse Learning Design Editor - If you want to check the validity of your IMS Learning Design manifest, load it into ReCourse and run it through the Checker.
Upload your learning design to this Cloudscape (see Upload a Learning Design for more information).

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