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ALT-C 2009

8 September 2009 - 10 September 2009

Conference, Manchester, 8 - 10th September 2009

Image by Chris M0EEG

Cloudscape created by:

Rebecca Galley
24 August 2009

The ALT-C 2009 Conference: '"In dreams begins responsibility" - choice, evidence, and change is being held at Manchester on 8-10th September 2009. This Cloudscape has been set up to aggregate links, resources and discussion for the conference.

Clouds have been set up for each session so please contribute with live blogging of the sessions and discussion. Each Cloud has been tagged with its conference number to aid navigation; if you know the number of the session you want to discuss, please put it into the search box (above right)

Featured active clouds from the conference


How  you can participate in the ALTC 2009 Cloudscape

  • Follow the conference cloudstream
  • Add extra information or links for your presenations to the cloud for that presentation in the list below
  • If you are attending a presentation, add notes, live blogging or relevant links and tags to the cloud for that presentation
  • Discuss particular presentations in the cloud for the presentation
  • For more information, see our blog post about using Cloudworks at ALT-C (Click on date of talk)

Support and Feedback

  • If you have any technical problems, either find Juliette Culver at the conference or e-mail We will probably only be able to fix major problems (such as problems with registration) during the conference itself, but we will make any note of any other bugs or issues and try to sort them after the conference has finished.
  • We would really appreciate any feedback on the site and ideas for how it could be improved. You can either e-mail or fill in our survey.

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