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F-ALT: putting the fun into ALT-C 2009

A lovely cloud from the lovely Alt-C fringe festival

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Josie Fraser
7 September 2009

F-ALT is a fringe event organised to coincide with the annual Association for Learning Technology annual conference. Spurred on by the fantastic success of F-ALT 08, we're looking forward to an even more fabulous series of unconference events.

F-ALT 09 will consist of a variety of sessions held in public, conference and university spaces. Delegates are encouraged to experiment with format, with slots focusing discussion and allowing participants and bystanders to experiment with an alternative conference format. Participants pick the topics they are most interested in debating and negotiate session delivery. If you have session ideas - stick them in here (loose ideas) or here in the programme (more organised). We'll work up detail as we go along. If you are coming, don't forget to signup

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