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ICODL 2009 5th International Conference on Open and Distance Learning, Greece

Open and Distance Education for Global Collaboration & Educational Development 27 -29 November 2009, Athens

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Spyros Papadakis
6 October 2009

  • Applications and Research in Open and Distance Education

  • Innovations, new and Alternative Forms of Educational Applications in Conventional and Distance Institutions 

  • New Technology Applications in Communication, Teaching and Learning

  • Conventional Teaching Material in Alternative Digital forms: E-learning, M-learning, D-learning, Online learning

  • Open Access and Open Education

  • Distance and Conventional Education Institutions: Autonomous and Mixed Models for Teaching and Learning 

  •  National and Global Collaboration in Higher Education for Sustainable Development

  • European Collaboration of Educational Institutions for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study Programmes

  • Development, Evaluation and Quality Assurance of Higher Education

  • International and Cross - Border Higher Education Study Programmes: Thoughts for Development

  • Models of Collaboration in Distance Learning for Primary and Secondary Education

  • Lifelong and Continuing Education: Collaboration, Possibilities, Perspectives

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