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Research project: xDelia

Xcellence in Decision-making through Enhanced Learning in Immersive Applications

Image by Gill Clough

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Gill Clough
2 November 2009

xDelia is an EU funded project, aiming to produce both knowledge and novel applications capable of improving financial decision making in three different fields of practice: professional trading, private investment, and personal finance. The project uses and also evaluates the potential of games, game technologies, and sensors as components in learning support environments, and as tools to conduct experimental and field research.(reproduced from website)

The project is pooling the skills and expertise from

  • Blekinge Tekniska Högskola - Games design
  • CIMNE - Project co-ordination
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam - Implementation of behavioural experiments
  • FZI (now KIT) - Embedded systems and wearable sensors
  • Open University Business School - Field research into traders and investors
  • Open Unversity Institute of Educational Technology (IET) - Participatory design and Evaluation
  • Saxo bank - Traders, Investors, online trading platform
  • University of Bristol - Conceptual basis for assessing individual financial capability


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