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Ascilite Learning Design Workshop

Workshop: Ascilite 2009 conference, 6th December 2009, Auckland

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Gráinne Conole
25 November 2009

Learning Design Workshop - Sue Bennett, Shirley Agostinho and Gráinne Conole

Intended audience and degree of expertise required

Participants interested in educational design including university teachers and learning designers. No specific level of technical expertise required.

Workshop Objectives

This purpose of this workshop is to:

  1. Introduce participants to the concept of reusable, adaptable learning designs
  2. Provide participants with hands-on experience in using latest research based learning designs and design tools

Workshop Format

Introduction (15 mins)

  • The presenters will introduce themselves and explain the nature and purpose of the workshop.
  • The participants will be asked to introduce themselves, explain their background, and share their prior knowledge and conceptions of reusable learning designs.

Presentation - Introduction to Learning Design (10 mins)

This presentation will briefly cover the definitions of learning design, how it emerged, and key concepts from the recent research.

Hands-on – Reviewing Learning Designs(15 mins)

  • Participants will be provided with a learning design pack containing six learning designs which are the outcome of a recent research project.
  • Participants will be given a short time to review the designs before selecting one which they will work with throughout the rest of the workshop.

Hands-on – Working with a Learning Design (30 mins)

  • Participants will be guided through a series of steps to develop a customised version of their chosen learning design.
  • The workshop presenters will circulate through the group, posing questions and discussing options with individuals.

Discussion – Design Outcomes (20 mins)

  • Participants will share their customised designs with the group.
  • The workshop presenters will facilitate a discussion about the pros and cons of re-using a learning design.

Break (10 mins)

Hands-on – Using Cloudworks (30 mins)

  • Participants will be introduced to Cloudworks, an online community for sharing teaching and learning ideas, strategies and designs.
  • Participants will first be introduced to the site and invited to browse through the options available, guided by the presenters.
  • Participants will work in teams to complete a Cloudquest challenge

Hands-on – Exploring different representations for design (30 mins)

  • The session will begin with a brief introduction, after which participants will work by themselves on their designs. Participants will be introduced to design representations that can be used at three different levels:
    • Micro-level: At the level of an individual learning activity. A task-based swimline representation will be shown
    • Meso-level: At the level of a "block of learning". A representation mapping learning outcomes to content/assessment/tasks will be shown.
    • Macro-level. At the level of a whole course. Two representations will be shown: the course map/at a glance representation and the pedagogy profile.
  • Participants will now take their customised design and consider this against these representations. They will be introduced to the CompendiumLD and CMap visualisation software tools, and an interactive widget version of the Pedagogy Profile. They will then explore how these might be used to represent their ideas and develop them further.
  • A key benefit of the tools is enabling participants to examine linkages between the activities they set for learners, the resources and supports they need to provide, and the assessment process.
  • Participants will then be able to either upload their draft designs to Cloudworks or add their reflections on the design process they have undertaken as part of the workshop.
  • The workshop presenters will support this process by circulating through the lab, answering questions and discussing participants’ designs.

Discussion – Using tools for designing and sharing (20 mins)

  • The final discussion will focus on participants’ experiences in using the tools provided.
  • The presenters will facilitate the discussion and answer any questions participants have about these and other design tools available.

Conclusion (5  mins)

  • The presenters will thank participants and invite any feedback on the workshop using post-its. See the associated evaluation cloud for the questions to focus on.

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