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Work-with-IT : The impact of Web 2.0 on working practices,roles and responsibilities

The impact of Web 2.0 on working practices,roles and responsibilities and skills requirements

Cloudscape created by:

Donna Cullen
27 November 2009

Literally using Web 2.0 to discover Web 2.0!!

It is hoped this Cloudscape will generate interest and reflection from the community on this project - Interview questions will be posted in individual clouds for discussion . Info - below. All comments and feedback welcome. 

Work-with-IT Website

The JISC funded Work-with-IT project has been commissioned to gather up to date information on changing staff roles, relationships and associated skills brought about by the impact of the adoption of new technologies within UK FE and HE. The focus is not on information skills or skills for harnessing technology per se, but on the impact of new ways of working on staff that arise from adopting ICT and technology supported practices.

The third phase of the project is focussing on the impact that Web 2.0 is having on working practices, roles and responsibilities and skills requirements. As part of this, the Work-with-IT team is undertaking a series of interviews with individuals involved in the use of Web 2.0 to underpin education, research, knowledge exchange and administration activities. In particular, these interviews will explore the impact that Web 2.0 technologies are having on working practices and staff roles and responsibilities across FE and HE and how this might evolve in the short to medium term. The information gathered within these interviews will then inform the project final report and a composite ‘case study’ of how Web 2.0 is affecting working practices across UK HE and FE


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