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Interdisciplinarity: Strengths and Challenges

Cloudscape created by:

Gill Clough
22 January 2010

This cloudscape aims to explore some of the challenges and strengths of interdisciplinary research.

  • What are the strengths?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What are the enablers?
  • What are the issues surrounding the fact that the different disciplines may approach the central vision of the project from different perspectives?
  • What are the benefits that derive from multiple perspectives?
  • What are the potential conflicts?

I’m using the xDelia project as a case study to get the ball rolling. At the start of the project I conducted a series of baseline interviews with the project partners. The interview analysis identified themes which I’ll set up as clouds for discussion. All projects are different, so there may be some themes that did not emerge from my interviews.  It would be great to see them as new clouds, or added to existing ones.

This cloudscape relates to Grainne Conole’s hotseat discussions on the Network Learning Conference Interdisciplinarity topic.

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