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OULDI Phase-2 end workshop: Embedding learning design and establishing a reversioning culture

29 January 2010
Milton Keynes, UK

Workshop held 29th January 2010

Cloudscape created by:

Rebecca Galley
29 January 2010

The aim of this Cloudscape is to record some of the discussion coming from the workshop, and provide a space to continue the discussions and build relationships over time. It also provides us with an opportunity to recieve feedback and ideas from the wider national and international Cloudworks community.

General feedback from plenary discussion at the end of the workshop

  • Value of opening up these discussions as a starting point for wider discussion across the OU.
  • Value of external benchmarking of this project is useful too. What is valuable is the link between the intellectual ideas on course ideas and the issues about the business process that need to follow and currently these don’t match up with what we need.
  • In terms of accessibility we need some robust sensible business processes to ensure the ideas etc find its way through to students in a properly managed way – securing greater accessibility project is leading on this work. We need to move beyond cottage industry of retro-fitting…
  • There is a central problem about language. Compendium etc are great approaches – what we call things need to be thought through carefully. Balance of creative activity and institutional process.
  • OU was traditionally based on an industrial model but we are now in a post-industrial model. Difference between traditional development approaches and more agile approaches.
  • Need to figure out what the representations are and what they are for…
  • Representations to scaffold innovation and creativity – not about reengineering academics but augmenting and supporting. Discipline modelling to help at key points. REALLY key point. What is it about the way we are teaching that is so different to this, if you think about Compendium in wrong way – can come across as telling people what we do…

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