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ALT-C 2010

6 September 2010 - 8 September 2010
Nottingham, UK

Image by Dave Kav

Cloudscape created by:

Gráinne Conole
7 February 2010

Welcome to the ATL-C 2010 Cloudscape :-)

Each session has been given a Cloud. Clouds are ordered alphabetically according to the session title and you can filter by day. Go to the list of Clouds.

Anyone can view, but log in if you want to add comments, references, links, videos, slides or pictures to Clouds. Go to the Cloudstream (see what's happening).

Useful links:

Pre-conference workshop:

Keynote speaker sessions:

Donald Clark                    Sugata Mitra                      Barbara Wasson

Invited speaker sessions:

Frank McLoughlin             Martin Hall                          Sudhir Giri

David White                      Hans-Peter Baumeister    Josie Taylor               

Heather Fry                       Alex Bols

Clouds in this Cloudscape

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