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Open University annual Learning and Technology conference: Learning in an open world

20 June 2010 - 22 June 2010
Online in elluminate

The OU's annual learning and technology conference

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Martin Weller
2 March 2010

The OU has an internal conference every year to share practice and research around learning and technology. This year we are trying something new, and hosting the event completely online. The event will take place across 2 days (22nd and 23rd June), with the synchronous presentations being held in Elluminate (see Using Elluminate for session links and further info about setting up Elluminate and trouble-shooting) and asynchronous discussion held here in Cloudworks. Please note that each of the four sessions is held in a different Elluminate space (see the Programme for URLs). This is so we can record each one separately.

The theme of the conference is 'Learning in the Open World', and we will be exploring the theme of openness in different aspects (learning, content, access and teaching), and the OU's response to it. In keeping with this theme the conference is open to all to 'attend' (ie come into the Elluminate sessions and contribute here), although it will have an OU-focus. Please indicate if you are planning to attend by clicking the button above, so we have an idea of numbers.

Each theme will address the fundamental issue of openness in a digital world, by focusing around the same question applied to each theme:

'How does openness affect learning/content/access/teaching?'

We have a set of invited talks (see: programme), but also want to encourage everyone to contribute video and/or other non-text contributions about your projects, research, courses, etc, (think of this as somewhere between poster and live presentation in a traditional conference) embedded into a cloud here. We invite you to contribute by 7 June (extended to 16 June) so that we can include your cloud in the relevant section of the programme. Your submission should address the key question of 'how does openness affect...' and is an opportunity for you to try out a new media that you have been meaning to learn, but not had a reason to until now, including setting up a cloud here, if you haven't done so before and using Elluminate. For more details see: Your Contributions. All of the multi-media contributions that have been submitted in response to the open call for this conference have been gathered together in a separate cloudscape, see:

This is an experiment, we hope it'll work and that we can get a different type of engagement and interaction.

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