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Broader debate on defining Open Educational Practices

Debates on OEP

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Gráinne Conole
4 March 2010

One of the first tasks we are doing as part of the EU-funded OPAL project is a review of Open Educational Practices (OEP). This will feed into a broad pan-European consultation process as well as the development and distribution of a detailed survey. We are beginning our desk research and are planning to use this cloudscape both to aggregate and share the resources and references we find as we go, as well as a space for the wider community to discuss and participate. So we welcome any contributions!

Key questions are:

  • What constitutes open educational practice?
  • How is OER being used to innovate educational practice?
  • How is open educational practice used to improve quality?
  • What are the current OER/OEP policy arrangements at institutional and national level across Europe/the World?
  • What actors are involved in OER/OEP?
  • What are the key OER/OEP initiatives?
  • What tools and repositories are being used for OER/OEP? 
  • What are the barriers and enablers to the use of OER/OEP?


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