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Task Force on the Careers Profession

Terms of Reference

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Jenny Bimrose
8 March 2010

Set up February, 2010

Convened by Iain Wright, MP


To investigate and make recommendations on actions that should be taken to ensure that careers professionals providing careers education and information advice and guidance to young people have:

  • the knowledge and skills required to provide the support users of services need to make informed decisions about learning and work pathways; and
  • the skills to plan and manage their careers.


The Taskforce, in the course of its work, should advise Government on how best to:

  • attract well-qualified people from all backgrounds to the profession;
  • retain and motivate effective careers professionals already in the workforce;
  • ensure that professional practice is of a high standard;
  • ensure that the profession is diverse and reflects the makeup of the working population;
  • ensure that careers professionals receive the CPD, support and guidance they need for continuous improvement;
  • strengthen integrated working of careers professionals with other members of the youth (and adult) workforce.

 In addition, the Taskforce is asked to advise on:

  • whether all career specialists should hold a specialist qualification, taking account of the work already underway to review the qualifications for career specialists;
  • whether to develop the profession of careers advisers with specialist STEM CPD;
  • the interface between careers guidance provided for young people and adults, and how this affects the workforce.

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