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OSRG Social learning symposium

17 March 2010
The Open University, Milton Keynes (in the Systems Seminar room, Venables)

Social learning as an area of interest to researchers and designers from multiple fields

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10 March 2010

This symposium (Open University 17 March 2010)  brings together those with an interest in, and different perspectives on, social learning as an area of interest to researchers and designers from multiple fields, including education, governance and technology.

We have structured the event in a way that will give everyone an opportunity to exchange ideas and participate in the discussion.  Some short presentations following a simple format will help draw ideas together and identify areas of synergy and difference in a lively and open discussion.


1.30 - Welcome and introduction - Chris High (OSRG)

1.45 – Presentation by Simon Buckingham Shum (OLnet/ KMI): An emerging suite of social learning technologies

2.15 – 3.15 - Four presentations (approx 10-15 minutes) centred on three areas of personal engagement: What I understand by social learning, examples of how it has been used in my experience, and the future of social learning in my context:

• Kevin Collins (OSRG) - International perspectives on social learning
• Kasia Kozinska (OLnet/ IET/ CREET) – social learning in the context of OpenLearn
• Chris Blackmore (OSRG) - Social Learning systems and communities of practice
• Joe Corneli (KMI) - Crowdsourcing education

3.15 – 4 pm – Discussion, moderated by Martin Reynolds (OSRG), on the 'Future of Social Learning at the Open University'

We encourage everyone to get involved by signing up for Cloudworks and adding comment, resources, links and references to the clouds within this cloudscape. If you are also interested in trying out Cohere (a visual tool to create, connect and share Ideas), contact Anna De Liddo, who is listed on the right as one of the people planning to attend the symposium.

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