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Enhancing learning and teaching through technology: An evidence-based approach

An HEA funded project examining the use of evidence in changing learning and teaching practices with technology.

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Linda Price
18 March 2010

Using technology for learning and teaching brings much hope and promise, but it also challenges academics in higher education (HE) to consider the best possible uses of that technology for students.  Why is it that, in certain cases, technology-enhanced learning is successful in actively engaging students and in enhancing their learning, while in other cases it is not? This project aims to synthesise evidence drawn from the literature, and from HE practitioners’ accounts, of ways in which they have used technology to enhance learning and teaching practices. 

We are interested in your experiences and we would love you to share them with us.  If you would like to tells us about your practices, and the evidence that you have found useful in helping you to shape you learning and teaching approaches with technology, please add to the discussion in the clouds.

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