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Evaluation toolbox

Collection of evaluation methods and links to resources to help carry them out

Cloudscape created by:

Gill Clough
22 March 2010

This Cloudscape provides a central reference for evaluation methods and resources that can be used to support each method. Each evaluation method Cloud offers space for discussion on where the methods could be applied and how effective they are. The initial list of methods Clouds is based on the LTDI Evaluation Cookbook,  published in 1998. However these Clouds can be developed and extended as a result of advances in technology since it was written, and new evaluation methods Clouds may well emerge.

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Feel free to add resources, activities, tools and methods that you are aware of, and please name and tag them using the key below so they can be found easily. Contributing 3 objects to this resource bank makes you eligable for the OLDS-MOOC badge 'Resource Gather' (click on the badge to apply).

  • Activities = ideas, designs, schedules of activities which can be used to promote thinking and understanding
  • Methods = different methodologies
  • Resources = handouts, diagrams, papers, flash cards etc
  • Tools = software that can be used for evaluation

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