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STEEL: Sharing Technology Enhanced Employability Learning

An HEA funded synthesis of evidence-based practice in technology to enhance employability and employee learning

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Janet Finlay
31 March 2010

The STEEL project (Sharing Technology Enhanced Employability Learning) is a synthesis project based at Leeds Metropolitan University and funded by the Higher Education Academy. Its aim  is to produce a synthesis of evidence-based research in order to inform decision-making by practitioners in the appropriate use of technology enhanced learning for employability and employee learning in higher and further education. The project started in January 2010 and will run until August 2010. You can follow our blog via the link below. 

We are using a case study approach and would like to hear about any initiatives at your institution where you are using technology to enhance employability and employee learning. What did you do? What happened? What has changed or improved as a result? Complete our survey via the link below or join in our discussion to tell us more.

STEEL is one of three synthesis projects looking at evidence-based practice in technology enhanced learning. The other two projects, PLaTP and SRAFTE, are linked to under related projects. Related discussions from here and elsewhere in Cloudworks are also included. 

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