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Virtual Worlds in Higher Education: Research

A collection of research relating to various aspects of using virtual worlds in Higher Education.

Image by Peter Beaumont

Cloudscape created by:

Peter Beaumont
1 April 2010

This cloudscape is a collection of the research closely related to using virtual worlds in Higher Education, for teaching, learning, research or administration.

I have tagged each to relate to an area of research interest for myself. They may not be relevant to you and the tags are a bit long, but it works for me. The tags are:

  • "virtual_worlds_as_synchronous_communication_tools"
  • "building_for_learning_activities_in_virtual_worlds"
  • "games_in_higher_education"
  • "psychology_and_immersion_in_virtual_worlds"
  • "virtual_worlds_general"


Virtual Worlds as Synchronous Communication Tools

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