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JISC Innovation Forum 2010 (JIF2010)

27 July 2010 - 28 July 2010
Royal Holloway (University of London), Egham, Surrey

The key to successful and sustainable innovation is sharing ideas, developments and discussion

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20 April 2010

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JISC Elevator

We have been thinking about a new way to fund your good ideas as JISC projects. We have produced a mock up of a website for the funding platform and would like your feedback on it: JISC Elevator

The purpose of the JISC Innovation Forum 2010 (JIF2010) is to bring together over 200 JISC funded projects for a networking, sharing and learning event.  JIF2010 will provide a forum for projects and programmes to meet, engage, share ideas and form useful relationships.

Themes and Sessions

The event is based around 5 main themes within which there are a number of sesssions - details on the sessions can be found by clicking on the links below:

Project Management

Developing Sustainability and Impact

Engaging with your communities

Open Mic - discussing current issues facing Institutions

Project Showcase of JISC funded projects

Project Exhibitions


We are fortunate to be joined by Professor John Potter who will be delivering our closing keynote

All Delegate Sessions

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