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IET Coffee Morning session: Out There and In Here

17 November 2010
Jennie Lee Building main Ambient Lab Ground Floor

IET Technology Coffee Morning

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Lynda Davies
20 April 2010

Bridging technologies

In this increasingly connected world we are using more and more technologies to connect us to different situations and people. Mobile phones, sensors, tabletops and PCs can combine ‘the digital’ (e.g. data, information, photos) with user experiences in novel ways that are contextualized in the physical activities people are currently engaged in. The versatility and mobility of mobile devices mean that people can use them in a diversity of settings, be they sitting in a classroom, eating in a café, walking around a museum, exploring a field site, or playing a game in the streets. However, time limitations, economic disadvantages and mobility disabilities can exclude many people from utilising these devices and experiences.

OTIH (Out There and In Here) and other projects (e.g. mobile Clinical Learning) present evidence of a way to bridge this gap by developing hybrid ‘social inclusion’ systems. Through mobile and tabletop systems we can support synchronous co-active participation between teams in the field and in the lab.

This research provides a technical solution which is limited without a pedagogical and social psychological understanding of how to support situated learning, equity and engagement in these processes.

This presentation will present some bridging technologies developed during the OTIH project along with the pedagogical questions this highlighted and potential solutions identified.

Presenter: Dr Anne Adams (IET)

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