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OPAL OER case studies

OER case studies

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26 April 2010

This cloudscape has been set up as a space for the OER case studies that have been gathered as part of the OPAL project. The case studies were collated as part of Work Package 3 Deliverable D3.1 'Scope of desk research & case study identification', which  consisted of  a review of 58 case studies of Open Educational Resource Initiatives. From the case studies a set of Open Educational Practices (OEP) were identified. 

A cloud has been set up for each of the 58 case studies. A cloud has also been created for a case study template that was used to collect many of the case studies. Please feel free to comment on any of the case studies in the relevant clouds. This might include points of clarification or accuracy or more general reflections on the case study. If you wish to provide more general comments on the case studies collectively please use the discussion cloud.

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