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Shared Thinking

whole group enquiry, representations of whole-group experience and network-based technologies

Cloudscape created by:

Nicholas Bowskill
5 May 2010

Shared Thinking is a new approach to enquiry based learning, collaborative reflection and networked learning. It is also a new pedagogical and methodological practice working at a whole group level.

Using voting technology and interactive whiteboards, Shared Thinking has been implemented in 5 different case studies. The empirical data drawn from these case studies are drawn from a variety of contexts including staff and student development. Also included are cases of induction, transition, collaborative placement review as well as for first and final year students.

The goal of the Cloudscape is to support an emerging community of practice around this new pedagogical practice and new methodological practices brought into view through this whole-group approach.

I will add clouds to draw out the variety of applications already identified which include those mentioned above but also others such as Social Network Analysis and Learning Designs/Patterns and representations of practice.

A rough n ready web site is available at  

The Shared Thinking PhD project is inter-disciplinary based at University of Glasgow. The project is itself shared between Education, Computing Science and Psychology. The supervisors of my PhD are Steve Draper, Vic Lally, Steve Brindley and Quintin Cutts.



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