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OER and Sustainability

12 May 2010
Leeds, UK

Open educational Resources and sustainability

Cloudscape created by:

Chris Pegler
11 May 2010

Susatainability issues around OER activity cover a range of issues at the level of the individual contributor/user, for the project or institution, for the subject centre or consortium, or the OER community. There are many different motives for creating and sharing OER and these also impact on what sustainability looks like.

This Cloudscape has been set up to try and pull together some of the experiences from the UK OER Phase 1 projects (see for list of all 29 projects) and takes as a starting point some of the clouds here, other discussions in the OER community and an event in Leeds (13 May 2010) by the Support Centre for Open Resources in Education (SCORE).

Programme for event.

Live blog of UNICYCLE session  

Live blog of OOER session

The 'Leeds Manifesto'  and the discussion cloud for this.

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