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CRC PhD Student Conference

2 June 2010 - 3 June 2010
JLB, The Open University, Milton Keynes

Conference theme: Using a PhD in industry

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26 May 2010

Centre for Research in Computing, PhD conference 2010

Dates: Thursday and Friday, 3 and 4 June, 2010.

Location: OU Milton Keynes Campus, Jennie Lee Building.

Conference website (accessible to OU Staff and Students only)


Day 1 - Thursday, 3 June


30 mins

Registration & Coffee – Meeting Room 1



15 mins

Welcome and introduction – Meeting Room 1



60 mins

Student presentations I (2 parallel sessions)



JLB Meeting Room 1  (chair: Shailey Minocha) 

JLB Meeting Room 10 (chair: Anthony Meehan) 


Mihhail Aizatulin (Verifying Implementations of Security Protocols in C), page 1

Richard Doust (Investigating narrative “effects”: the case of suspense), page 15


Simon Butler (Analysing Semantic Networks of Identifier Names to Improve Source Code Maintainability and Quality), page 5

Michael A Giddings (Model Driven Architecture of Large Distributed Hard Real Time Systems), page 26


Tom Collins (Discovering Translational Patterns in Symbolic Representation of Music), page 9

Alan Hayes (An Investigation into Design Diagrams and Their Implementations), page 30


Joe Corneli (Semantic Adaptivity and Social Networking in Personal Learning Networks), page 12

Robina Hetherington (An Investigation into Interoperability of Data Between Software Packages used to support the Design, Analysis and Visualisation of Low Carbon Buildings), page 33



30 mins

Coffee - JLB2 Nexus



60 mins

Student presentations II (2 parallel sessions)




JLB Meeting Room 1 (chair: Leonor Barroca) 

JLB Meeting Room 10 (chair: Neil Smith) 


Chris Ireland (Understanding Object-Relational Impedance Mismatch: A Framework Based Approach), page 37

Lin Ma (Presupposition Analysis in Requirements), page 51


Lukasz Jedrzejczyk (“Privacy Shake”, a Haptic Interface for Managing Privacy Settings in Mobile Location Sharing Applications), page 41

Lionel Montrieux (Merging Verifiable and Evolving Access Control Properties), page 55


Stefan Kreitmayer (Designing a Climate Change Game for Interactive Tabletops), page 45

Sharon Moyo (Effective Tutoring with Affective Embodied Conversational Agents), page 58


Tamara Lopez (Reasoning about Flaws in Software Design: Diagnosis and Recovery)

Brendan Murphy (Evaluating a mobile learning environment in a home car domain), page 60: CANCELLED



75 mins

Lunch – JLB2 Nexus



Plenary: Standing out at interview



45 mins

Student presentations III (2 parallel sessions)




JLB Meeting Room 1 (chair: Janet van der Linden) 

JLB Meeting Room 10 (chair: Paul Piwek) 


Aleksandra Pawlik (How best to support scientific end-user software development?), page 78

Tu Anh Nguyen (Generating Accessible Natural Language Explanations for OWL Ontologies), page 65


Chwhynny Overbeeke (Supporting the Exploration of Research Spaces), page 69

Brian Pluss (Non-Cooperation in Computational Models of Dialogue), page 82


Nadia Pantidi (Understanding technology-rich learning spaces), page 74

Pauline Mouawad (Melodic Emotions: Insight and Prediction), see handout




30 mins

Coffee - JLB2 Nexus



75 mins

Student presentations IV (2 parallel sessions)



JLB Meeting Room 1 (chair: Alistair Willis)

JLB Meeting Room 10 (chair: Robin Laney)


Adam Rae (Supporting multimodal media recommendation and annotation using social network analysis), page 91

Keerthi Thomas (Distilling Privacy Requirements for Mobile Applications), page 102


Rien Sach (The effect of Feedback on the Motivation of Software Engineers), page 95

Minh Q. Tran (Understanding the Influence of 3D Virtual Worlds on Perceptions of 2D E-commerce Websites), page 104


Stefan Taubenberger (Using Business Process Security Requirements for IT Security Risk Assessment), page 98

Thomas Daniel Ullmann (Supporting Reflection about Web Resources within Mash-Up Learning Environments), page 108


Rean van der Merwe (Local civic governance using online media – a case of consensual problem solving or a recalcitrant pluralism), page 110

Saad Bin Saleem (A Release Planning Model to Handle Security Requirements), page 122


Katie Wilkie (Analysis of conceptual metaphors to inform music interaction designs), page 114

Anna Xambo (Issues and techniques for collaborative music making on multi-touch surfaces), page 118


Ann Abraham (Sense-making in Web-based Environments), see handout





Pavilion Bar




Dinner – The Plough


Day 2 – Friday, 4 June



90 mins

Plenary: Voices of experience  - JLB2 Meeting Room 1
Presenters:  Katerina Tzanidou, Mohammed Salifu, Mike Ellims and  Tom Heath
(short presentations, followed by discussion)




30 mins

Coffee - JLB2 Nexus




60 mins

Poster Presentations (3 x 20 minutes), Nexus

Group 1 (Last names from A – I )

Group 2 (J - P)

Group 3 (Q - Z) 





60 mins

Lunch - JLB2 Nexus




60 mins

Plenary:  Setting your trajectory:  learning from role models (Room 1)




30 mins

Plenary discussion: Student community support (Room 1)




30 mins

Closing (Room 1)



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