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Workshop: Brunel University: Freedoms offered by SR2: Tools for change

13 July 2010
Cavendish Room, Brunel University

In collaboration with the Open University as part of the JISC sponsored OULDI project of which Brunel is a partner

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Rebecca Galley
21 June 2010

This face to face workshop is open to Brunel staff only but the online discussion is open to all, and we would value your contributions.

The aim of this workshop is to provide course teams with an opportunity to review the design of their programmes, in the light of new freedoms within SR2*. The workshop will use a series of learning design tools and will focus on a holistic approach to level design.

The structure of the workshop takes its lead from the following strands:

  • Programmes and Level learning outcomes
  • Rethinking Level-based learning opportunities
  • Formative and summative assessment
  • Use of technology to enhance learning

* New regulations pertaining to undergraduate programmes from September 2009

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