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Reading Curriculum Design Workshop: New approaches to the design of blended learning

4 July 2010
Reading University

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Rebecca Galley
23 June 2010

This face to face workshop is open to Reading University staff only but the online discussion is open to all, and we would value your contributions.

The workshop will focus on blended learning (a combination of conventional face-to-face teaching with technology-enhanced learning or e-learning) and use a learning design methodology. The workshop aims to identify the challenges in designing blended learning. Participants will become familiarised with a range of tools and resources to help them make informed decisions about creating new or adapting existing blended learning modules and activities.

The learning design methodology adopts an empirically based approach to understanding and representing the design process. This has included a range of evaluation studies (capturing of case studies, interviews with lecturers, in-depth course evaluation and focus groups/workshops), which have helped to develop understanding of how lecturers go about creating new modules and learning activities. Alongside this is an extensive set of tools and resources have been collated to support the design process.

The workshop will adopt a collaborative approach, and will have a set of structured activities that the participants will be involved with. If you are planning or currently designing a course or module bring along any information.

Workshop objectives. At the end of the workshop, you will have: 

  • An awareness of the range of resources, tools and methods which are available to support learning design – including case studies of good practice, learning object repositories and learning design tools/methods. For a quick introduction to learning design read the ‘Learn about Learning Design’ guide (available online at about learning design.pdf )
  • Experience of thinking about the design process from different perspectives; an understanding of the issues and challenges involved in designing blended learning
  • An understanding that will allow you to transfer the experience gained from the design challenge to your own context and the blended learning modules you are involved in designing.

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