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IET Technology Coffee Session: The Open Educator as DJ - Towards a Practice of Educational Remix

13 July 2010

IET Technology Coffee Morning

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Lynda Davies
1 July 2010

The metaphor of "Teacher as DJ" isn't new - as Wiley noted (, ever since the phrase "Rip, Mix, Burn" entered the popular consciousness via Apple's advertising campaign, it began to be applied to how educators might approach digital educational resources.

But with the ever increasing number of quality free open educational resources, the advent of 'mashups' as a widespread model of innovation both artistic and commercial, as well as the new breeds of online media tools and alternative interfaces, the "Educator as DJ" is fast moving from high level metaphor to practical art. This presentation will dig deeper into this metaphor and demonstrate what the actual practice of the open educator as DJ might look like. So get ready to dance!

Presenter: Scott Leslie (External BCCampus, Canada and visiting OLnet Fellow)Scott Leslie is an educational technologist, hacker, researcher and open content/open network activist. He currently works as the Manager of Client Services in Open Education for BCcampus, a province-wide post-secondary agency in British Columbia, Canada.

He is active on Twitter (@sleslie) and a blogger ( and is currently visiting IET (until 22 July) as an OLnet fellow doing a research project into tracking the use of OER.

Loation: Jennie Lee Building Main Ambient Lab Ground Floor

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