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e-access'10 conference

12 July 2010
Olympia 2 Conference Centre, Kensington, London

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Nick Freear
9 July 2010

E-Access Bulletin's sixth annual conference and exhibition on access to technology by people with disabilities, e-Access '10, takes place on 13 July 2010 at Olympia 2 Conference Centre, London.

e-Access '10 conference web site

This year, the event is co-hosted by OneVoice for Accessible ICT Coalition, the UK's leading umbrella body for organisations promoting access to technology by all.

These days, all organisations use technology, from externally-facing websites to internal ICT systems used by your employees. And with an ageing population, and in tough economic times, ensuring all your customers, service users and staff are included in everything you do is more vital than ever.

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