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OLNet Fellowship Research - Tracking Usage of Downloaded OER

Preliminary results for research project carried out by Scott Leslie to examine ways to track OER after they are downloaded

Cloudscape created by:

Scott Leslie
19 July 2010

The OLNet project posed, as part of a larger set of Research Questions,  some specific questions about how to track the Reuse of OER 

5a. Are OER being reused by teachers – track from demand side but could try sampling teaching to see if there is any evidence of OER in the teaching materials that students see. 

5b. Automated ways to track OER such as watermarks. Persistence and comparison of original with derived.

This cloudscape captures early work led by OLNet Expert Fellow Scott Leslie to devise a method to track OER that have been downloaded from their original locations and are being used elsewhere, a use case that does not appear to have been previously addressed by the OER community.