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Informal ethics

1 December 2010 - 3 December 2010
Online Educa Berlin

A debate at Online Educa Berlin 2010

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Abi Redmond
16 August 2010

In the last couple of years, more and more educators in every sector including higher education have started using popular digital technologies. These technologies include mobile devices, notably mobile phones and media players; social networking sites such as Bebo, LinkedIn and Facebook; blogging sites such as Twitter and Jaiku; immersive virtual environments , mainly Habbo Hotel and Second Life and gaming platforms such as Gr...and Theft Auto, World of Warcraft and DoomEd.

This is an important development and is entirely different from the use of technologies that are purely educational or institutional such as e-portfolios or VLE's, where educators and their institutions control the technology and lay down the rules. With popular digital technologies, those beyond the walled garden of the institution, other rules have already developed.

The purpose of this debate is to explore the implications of these trends, to take a variety of different positions and perspectives and to debate the ethical concerns around these new trends. both new and significant in ethical terms, or just new but insignificant, or significant but essentially nothing new of actually neither, and nothing to worry about.

The debate will draw in a range of strongly held opinions emerging from within a newly formed SIG exploring the ethics of educational interventions in popular digital technologies, educational interventions outside the classroom and lecture theatre.

We hope delegates will join the SIG (which can be found at and continue to be involved as discussions and understandings evolve.

We hope to identify important and over-archiing issues and approaches for educators, in order to support and protect their students, and to enhance their institutional procedures. We hope to provoke discussion of possible codes of conduct for professionals working in these popular digital technologies.
This event will form part of the event programme.  Please visit their website for further details :

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