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Seminar examining the use of evidence in learning and teaching practices with technology

28 September 2010
The Open University, Jennie Lee Building, Milton Keynes

Findings a Higher Education Academy funded project synthesising evidence-informed practice

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Linda Price
16 August 2010

Seminar examining the use of evidence in learning and teaching practices with technology



This seminar will present the findings of a Higher Education Academy funded project synthesising examples of good practice in the use of technology to enhance the student experience.  The seminar incorporates findings from a literature review, as well as reflections from practitioners and examples of evidence-informed practice will be presented. The seminar will also include an overview of findings from two related projects that have synthesised the use of evidence by practitioners in assessment and feedback, and in employability and employee learning.


The seminar aims to provide an overview of the findings of each synthesis project and detailed discussions about the findings of the report on the use of evidence in learning and teaching practices with technology.


  • introduce each of the three synthesis reports
  • encourage discussion on what ‘evidence-based’ research means
  • explain the methodology employed for each report
  • highlight key findings in the reports
  • engage participants in discussion on points raised by the project
  • explore how these findings can inform further work in these areas


Intended learning outcomes

  • explain the approach adopted by these synthesis projects
  • list key findings from each report
  • identify where to find further information

Target Audience

This seminar will be of particular interest to academics, managers and learning technologists who are planning to or are currently engaged in using technology to enhance student learning.

Please register by 20th September by emailing



Registration, with Tea and Coffee on arrival


Introductions from Helen Thomas, The Higher Education Academy


Professional Learning and Teaching with Technology synthesis project: overview

(Linda Price & Adrian Kirkwood, Open University)


Assessment and Feedback synthesis project: overview

(Lester Gilbert & Veronica Gale Southampton University & Denise Whitelock, Open University)


Employability and Employee Learning synthesis project: overview

(Laura Dean & Janet Findlay, Leeds Metropolitan University)


Buffet Lunch


What is Evidence?    What is Professional Learning and Teaching Practice?

Group discussion of these issues and the framework used in the synthesis


Approach Adopted - Introduction to the synthesis website


Presentation of some examples of good practice and some podcasts/vodcasts of other academics views


Tea and Coffee


Findings – presentation of the main findings of the synthesis


Implications: Group discussion of the findings and implications for practice


Closing remarks






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