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25 August 2010 - 26 August 2010
Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden

1st Nordic Symposium on Technology Enhanced Learning, 26-27 August 2010 at Linnaeus University in Sweden.

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Agnes Kukulska-Hulme
23 August 2010

From a Nordic perspective, this symposium will be the first step towards the development of a vision about how the current and future efforts in the field of TEL in Nordic Countries could evolve and develop in a way that they will become internationally competitive, thus resulting in creating the conditions for a better as well as equal educational system for our coming generations.

Currently, numerous scholars claim that the majority of educational institutions ignore the overwhelming presence that mobile technologies and social media have in children’s and young people’s lives and argue that these technological developments might be integrated into everyday educational practices since they are transforming and defining literate acts and language in profound ways that affect learning. A crucial challenge for the educational community is to provide teachers and educators with tools and methods that can help them in their efforts to cope with the changes that these new technological developments introduce to our society.

Symposium website and downloadable book of abstracts (PDF):

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