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IET Technology Coffee Session: How far do we need to change our practice in order to successfully deliver digital scholarship?

19 October 2010
Jennie Lee Building Main Ambient Lab Ground Floor

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Lynda Davies
23 September 2010

Abstract: A short presentation introducing participants to the key themes and panel members’ expertise will open the coffee morning.

 The panel will explore the themes of policy, digital collection management and pedagogical design affecting our scholarship development. Participants will be invited to explore the following questions:

  • How do you select relevant and appropriate resources for your learning programmes?  
  • Who authors or creates the resources you use?  
  • Who manages these resources and how far can students personalise their experience?  
  • How sustainable are our current models given the financial climate and pedagogical drivers?  
  • What policies, strategies and systems do we need to embrace to move forward?  

Participants will also be introduced to an exemplar of practice where policy, digital library exploitation and learning design have coalesced to support the delivery of an excellent student experience.  There will be an opportunity for some “hands on interactivity” with tabletop technology and communicating synchronously with the OU Archivist. 

Presenters: Non Scantlebury (Library), Dr Anne Adams; Professor Martin Weller ; Pauline Ngimwa;  (IET), Katharine Reedy (Library)

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