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SLanguages Conference 2010

14 October 2010 - 15 October 2010
Edunation Island on Second Life

A conference in Second Life for language teachers

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Gary Motteram
30 September 2010

SLanguages 2010 is a 24h virtual conference on language teaching and learning in Second Life.

It runs from 10:00 SL/ 5pm GMT October 15th to 10:00 SL/ 5pm GMT October 16th and we look forward to seeing you there.

There are three main venues for the conference and depending on the sessions, other venues will be visited. Landmarks will be provided in the conference guide and on the conference website

- EduNation I, Amphitheatre
EduNation II, Amphitheatre II/38/29/21
- AVALON Learning Island Learning/11/188/59

The conference is free of charge.

To register, please touch the conference poster in the main information area in the sandbox on EduNation II and join the 'SLanguages Annual Symposium' group. II/159/144/22