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OPAL Research Workshop - UNESCO, Paris - November 8th - 9th 2010. Working towards creating guidelines for OEP - Part 3

8 November 2010 - 9 November 2010
UNESCO Headquarters, Paris

An OPAL research workshop which builds on a number of previous project activities

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1 November 2010

Open Educational Quality Initiative - Research Workshop on Open Educational Practices 

November 8th – November 9th 2010 at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris

The workshop will take place in Room (Salle) XV in the UNESCO Bonvin Building - at 1 Rue Miollis, 75015, Paris.

A number of activities (video interviews held at the EFQUEL Forum,September 2010, and a Virtual Meeting held on October 14th 2010 on Elluminate) have been undertaken in the lead-up to the workshop. Details of these activities can be found on Cloudworks at:

(Please note we will be videoing some of the workshop sessions as project outputs)

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