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The Institute for Global Civic Culture

North American Learning Center: Midcoast Maine USA.

An organization piloting a new learning ecology

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Thomas Steele-Maley
10 December 2010


The Institute for Global Civic Culture (IGCC) is a non profit organization dedicated to the research, development and deployment of new learning ecologies focused on the individual and our interconnected world. We focus on creating a sustainable narrative for learning in the 21st century.
A New Way to Learn

We support the individual in a core of a new learning spaces. This new learning ecology connects the individual to the world through place based and international studies that are applied to an individuals interests, passions and quest for serving their local and world communities. In 2010 we will launch our first pilot learning ecology Global Civ.

  • Our Programing inspires rigor, responsibility, and accountability in learning through highly supported and standards based learning spaces.
  • An IGCC program is made up of young people who co-devlop their learning, learning mentors, business professionals, academics in all fields, farmers, scientists, NGO’s, global civil servants, IT professionals amd many more.
  • At every stage of the research, design, and deployment, our learning ecology supports individual learners in their regions while connecting those individuals in project cohorts throughout the world.
  • This is possible as we leverage the most powerful learning tools imaginable. We redefine rather than refine the learning process through eLearning, mLearning, ePortfolio assessment, and the professional tools of project mentors working in all fields.
  • IGCC is a US registered 501c3.
  • IGCC is a catalyst in learning. We will bridge local and global frontiers as we construct a passion for learning in individuals and help them connect to others in an interdependent world.

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