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ICT in Public Services: Transforming Service Delivery Through Partnership

7 April 2011
Central London

A senior level seminar discussing the future of ICT

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John Ridley
12 January 2011

This forum will look at the on-going progress in the development of public sector ICT services and will consider the challenges for realising financial efficiency savings. Sessions will examine improvements in digital inclusion and how ICT services can be personalised within strict financial budgets. Delegates will discuss the future for cloud computing and data centre rationalisation and the security factors in information assurance.

Recently Confirmed Speakers:

Catalina McGregor, UN Agency ITUT Green ICT Liaison Officer, EC & OECD

Catalina McGregor was named by Computer Weekly as one of the most significant drivers of Green ICT in the world, and at this forum will be discussing: The Future Landscape for Green Government ICT,The financial and environmental benefits of delivering services online,cost-efficient programmes within strict financial budgets,tandardising and simplifying ICT use.

Sally Howes (Director of IT and Systems Analysis, National Audit Office)

Sally Howes will be describing the latest developments in ICT commissioning, the possibilities for savings through cloud computing and data centre rationalisation and how to deliver value for money and high level services.

Dr Andy Williamson (Director, Digital Democracy, Hansard Society)

Dr Williamson's session will include discussion of promoting digital democracy through ICT Areas and promoting new thinking in government ICT.

David Chapman (Information Technology Director, Jobcentre Plus)

David Chapman will be presenting a case study from which delegates will learn of the potential for delivering services online.

These speakers will be joining other leading figures to debate the potential of greater utilisation of ICT in public services.

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