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Alternative Presentation Tools

27 January 2011 - 31 January 2011
IoE University of Reading (Internal T+L event)

Workshop to support discussion of and training in alternatives to the PowerPoint presentation

Cloudscape created by:

Nicola Langton
25 January 2011

Teaching & Learning Session Outline

 Oh No! Not another PowerPoint Presentation !

The session will give you an opportunity to find out about some alternative presentation tools and have hands on experience with using some of them.

Part 1:  Overview

a)    Overview of workshop offerings  

b)    Why do we need alternatives to PowerPoint?  

Part 2:  Hands-on sessions

a)    Xpert Attribution tool - to help you find resources you can use that are copyright cleared and for use with this workshop. ( See cloud or section A below for tips etc) 

b)    PhotoStory 3 - Start creating slideshows with a difference using digital photos and images (see cloud or section C below)

c)     Prezi - Find out how to use this zooming presentation tool and get some tips, Create an account and get started, upgrade your account (see cloud or section B below)

d)    Cloudworks – Find out how you can bring your presentation resources together to present themes, sessions and conferences to a wider group of researchers, students and others ... (see cloud or section D below)

Part 3:  Other optional tools  (see clouds / sections below)

  • Glogster - an interactive online poster tool 
  • Xtranormal – text- to movie online tool 
  • Bubblr  create photo/ comic strips
  • Animoto – create simple 30sec videos
  • Slideshare – necessary for adding some content to Cloudworks
  • a Flikr account  to house your photos etc.

Part 4: Feedback

Please can you provide feedback on the session at this website:

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