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Open practice and OER in art and design education

Use and re-use of rich media OER stories, exploring Open Practice of staff and students working in art, design and media.

Cloudscape created by:

Chris Follows
2 February 2011

Questions to explore:

  • How would a discipline-based, cross-university online community of practice help to overcome perceived UAL staff reluctance to create and share teaching resources in an OER environment?
  • How can the student voice influence the use of online resources?
  • How can rich media OER content be re-purposed by staff and students?

How are OER resources evaluated in terms of pedagogic relevance?

If using video, image and audio content is the preferred media for documenting arts practice how can issues of time and production of recourses be addressed? Sustainability, what are the problems and potential advantages and disadvantage of OER collaborations with other institutions and the creative Industries?

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