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IET Technology Coffee Morning: A presentation on the work of the Access to Video Assets (AVA) Project

31 May 2011
Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor

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Lynda Davies
4 March 2011

 Abstract: The AVA (Access to Video Assets) project, based in the Library is funded by the PVC for Learning & Teaching and runs to July 2011. It aims to address the increasing demand for exploitation of The Open University’s rich media legacy assets. The key drivers for AVA are the Broadcast Strategy and The Open University’s Learning & Teaching Strategy and more recently FA02 Learning & Teaching Efficiencies.

It will deliver a proof of concept for a resource to discover video assets for the primary purpose of reuse within course production. A second strand will deliver a sustainable digital preservation model.

Sue Allcock will give an overview of the AVA project, a demonstration of a prototype to support staff in finding existing OU video material, Videofinder and report on the findings of the project so far.

James Alexander will present his work on developing a proof of concept prototype, Avadora, using a Fedora repository. Repository content is stored in Fedora with the main user interface developed using Drupal. Using Solr search to power both the browse and discovery interfaces has enabled rapid development of the prototype a well as enabling the use of features such as faceting. This interface, together with some ways of utilizing this powerful indexing to locate content within video will be demonstrated.

 Presenters: James Alexander and Sue Allcock (Library)

Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor

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