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IET Technology Coffee Morning: Haptic Lotus – A different take on accessible technologies

14 December 2011
Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor

Cloudscape created by:

Lynda Davies
7 March 2011

Absract: What would it take for blind people to enjoy a painting, a film or a play in a similar way to those who can see them? How could new technologies be designed to facilitate comparable cultural experiences that are accessible by all?

In this talk I will present our work with a theatre project that explores how rich cultural experiences for blind and sighted audiences can be created using novel haptic technologies – that is, technologies that are based on the sense of touch. In particular I discuss the development of the Haptic Lotus, a flower that opens and closes its petals as it accompanies people through the dark.

Presenter: Dr Janet VanDerLinden (MCT)

Location: Jennie Lee Building Main Ambient Lab Ground Floor

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