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13 Things Cambridge

21 March 2011 - 10 May 2011
University of Cambridge

Cambridge programme evaluating tools for curriculum design

Cloudscape created by:

Amyas Phillips
22 March 2011

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Chances are if you've found your way here you're in some way involved or responsible for improving or changing courses and their structure, whether that's as a lecturer, course organiser, teaching committee member or some other role.   13 Things is a Cambridge / Open University programme where we introduce you to a selection of tools intended to help course designers and you tell us what you think of them.

About the programme

At Cambridge 13 Things is part of the JISC-funded CourseTools project (part of CARET, Cambridge University) and at the Open University the Learning Design Initiative (OULDI) has produced many of the tools - including this one, Cloudworks.

Loosely based on the library world's popular "23 Things" introduction to web 2.0 for librarians, this programme runs for 7 weeks from mid March until mid-May 2011, which is shortly before exams start in Cambridge.  We introduce the 13 'things', one every 3 or 4 days, and ask you to spend 20-30 min getting your hands dirty with them and then sharing what you think in a blog post.

Spend as much or as little time as you like and feel free to catch up later.  Our focus is at Cambridge where we're also holding a series of meetups for particpants, but anyone is very welcome to follow along unofficially.  Do drop us a line and we'll include you in our blogroll!

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