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iCreaNet - ICT and Creativity Network

29 March 2011 - 31 March 2011
Arhus, Denmark

iCreaNet workshop - an Intercultural network on supporting creative skill development in higher educations

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Asger Harlung
24 March 2011

ICreanet is a global research network of educational researchers focusing on support for development of creative skills in higher educational contexts. It was founded in 2011 by Professor Elsebeth Sorensen and e-Learning consultant MA Asger Harlung, both from Aarhus University (AU), Denmark. iCreaNet is an abbreviation of “ICT and Creativity Network”.

ICreaNet presently has members from Denmark, UK, USA, Brazil, Israel, and Japan.

The network has a Global and Intercultural focus, and includes ICT resources and environments as crucial means of providing the flexibility and diversity necessary to facilitate creative development, and to bringing modern educations up to speed with the way that citizens of the earth learn and enhance themselves in their daily lives and contexts in the 21st century.

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