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Open Nottingham Seminar 7th April 2011

6 April 2011
The University of Nottingham

An international event to examine Open Educational Resources (OER) and the influence they are having on teaching and learning..

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Helen Whitehead
29 March 2011

Following the success of the Open Learning Conference (Nov 2009), the University of Nottingham is once again hosting an international event to examine Open Educational Resources (OER) and the influence they are having on teaching and learning.

It will take place on Thursday 7th April 2011 at 10.00am to 3.30pm and is free to attend. Note that the event is currently full. please follow our hashtag #openn11 on Twitter and blogs. The conference is also being recorded for later viewing.

The event is being funded by the pilot phase of the JISC/HEA UK OER Programme.

Programme (PDF)

event website

Keynote Speakers:

Steve Midgley (Deputy Director, Office of Education Technology, United States Department of Education) on The Learning Registry

Nathan Yergler (Chief Technology Officer, Creative Commons) on Learning from the Web for Learning on the Web 

Dr Wayne Mackintosh  (OER Foundation and Founder of WIKieducator) on the  OER University.

Greg DeKoenigsberg (Chief Technology Officer for the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education ISKME, OER Commons) on Lessons from Open Source Software Re-use

The world of education is trying to learn lessons about sharing from the world of open source. As it turns out, some of these lessons are more easily transferable than others. How does innovative reuse occur in the world of open source software, and how can these principles of reuse be applied to the very different world of education?

Wyn Morgan (Director of Teaching and Learning – University of Nottingham) on Open Nottingham

In implementing the Open Nottingham programme, the University of Nottingham has strategically embraced an agenda of open access to teaching. With benefits such as efficiency savings, promotional opportunities and enhancement of the student experience, Open Nottingham is designed to foster increased use, reuse and publication of Open Educational Resources (OER) by staff and students across the university. It aims to improve the understanding of what impact OER has on teaching and learning and to measure the effectiveness of open resources as a promotional tool.

Open Nottingham is centrally funded and has senior sponsorship, and long-term sustainability is a key consideration in all developments. It is an established part of the University’s Five Year Strategy and supports a number of the institution’s published objectives. For example, the expansion of the institutional repository ‘U-Now’ is listed as a goal under the Social Responsibility objective. Providing access to a rich supply of resources has a direct impact on student satisfaction through the Excellence in Education objective. Open Nottingham also feeds directly into the Internationalisation strategy of Knowledge without Borders.

This presentation will provide an overview of the Open Nottingham programme, focussing on the strategic drivers and direction of the initiave.

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