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Researching Inequalities: A theory for everything?

5 May 2011
The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA

A BSA sponsored one day postgraduate conference at The Open University on Friday 6th May 2011

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Ester McGeeney
30 March 2011

This is a one day conference on the theory and practice of researching inequalities. It is sponsored by the British Sociological Association as part of a series of events for postgraduate students and hosted by The Faculty of Health and Social Care at The Open University. The conference intends to create a forum for exploring the current state of sociological theories of inequality and to consider their application in research methodologies and practices.

Key Note Speakers

Professor Mary Maynard (University of York) - Conducting Research on Social Inequalities: Do Qualitative Research Methods Travel?

Dr Val Gillies (London Southbank University) - From theory to practice: methodological reflections on researching inequality through ethnography.

The conference will also feature the following presentations by postgraduate students:

  • Mark Green (Sheffield University) - Visualising Inequality in London: A Different Approach
  • Doyin Atewologun (Cranfield University) - Advancing Racio-Ethnic and Diversity Theorising Through Intersectional Identity Work
  • Ben Baumberg (LSE) - The need for an overarching ‘theory of inequalities’ in Sociology and Social Policy
  • Kate D'Arcy (Sheffield University) - Home education and Traveller Families
  • Jaimie Ellis (Southampton University) - Young People with Autism: A case study of methodological innovation in researching socially excluded groups
  • Marian Peacock (Sheffield University) - Women's Lives in Unequal Societies
  • Natalie Gupta (Manchester University) - The Impact of a Declining Wage Share on Income Inequalities in a Heterogonous Production Set-up: The Relevance of Drawing on the Classical Framework
  • Sumi Hollingworth (London Metropolitan University) - Social mixing in urban schooling: exploring the processes of power and inequality
  • Beatrice Lam (Manchester University) - Inequalities in education with reference to a study on parental educational involvement in Hong Kong
  • Konstanze Spohrer (Strathclyde University) - Adopting a “Foucaultian” approach to researching socio-economic inequality in education

The conference will be of interest to postgraduate and career researchers in the broad field of inequality, policy analysts, and practitioners in services which address the consequences of social inequality. For more information about the event or to reserve a place please contact the conference organisers:

Ester McGeeney :

Godfred Boahen: